The Power of Chuck!

My clothing was imbued by the power of Chuck!

On the 4th of July, I joined a bunch of Oliners to watch the Boston fireworks from the Charles river.

We brought a bunch of inflatable rafts and launched into the river. Unfortunately, I slipped out of my boat and fell into the river while boarding it, thus imbuing my clothing, cell phone, and wallet with Chuck water.

My phone went through its death throes and would not power off. I have not yet disassembled it, but it looks like it is dead…

We rowed downriver towards the fireworks, somewhat behind everyone else. Meanwhile, most of the rest of us got kicked out of the river by the coast guard for not having life vests… so, when we caught up we disembarked at the Harvard bridge and watched the fireworks from the side of the river.

Quite a spectacular display.

Now, I need to decide what to get to replace my Hiptop/Sidekick 2. (SK3? iPhone?)






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  1. Paul Avatar

    Anytime I brought cameras in a boat (that was small enough to be capsized) I would bring a water-tight container to place the camera inside when I wasn’t using it.

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